A woman in the UK who discovered she was pregnant recently wanted to creatively inform her friends and family about it. As she couldn't meet her loved ones in person, 35-year-old Katie Wilson decided to reveal the news through the art of pumpkin carving. With the help of an artist, she carefully cut her baby scan into the gourd. With Halloween 2020 around the corner, she could not think of any better way of doing it. Her innovation did not end there, she made her two-year-old son Max pose on top of a pumpkin so her friends think that it's just a cute Halloween photo. It's only on a closer observation that they found our it was a baby announcement. She posted the photo on social media on Halloween eve which shows Max in a dinosaur onesie sitting on top of a pumpkin. French Fries to Pirate, Take a Look at 7 Funny Yet Scary Clothes to Dress Your Children This Season!

Katie, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire was quoted as saying, "We came up with the idea because it was Halloween and we wanted to do something interesting and creative. Normally we’d be able to tell all of our friends and family in person – but due to Covid, this wasn’t possible. So we thought if we can’t do that we’d do something different. We tried to trick our friends by posting the picture of the pumpkin with our little Max looking cute on it as it was Halloween. But when they looked closer they would spot the pregnancy reveal." Mother of An Alien? Baby Scan of Pregnant Teen Mum Shows Extraterrestrial Face!

Baby Scan Carved on Pumpkin:

Katie is expecting her second child with husband David. An artist based in Huddersfield carved the scan into a pumpkin for just £20. Christian Russel spent around two hours sculpting the pumpkin. Christian was also excited with how the couple decided to reveal the news of their pregnancy. While he had not done anything of that sort in the past, he was quite happy to try his hands at something new.

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