If Mumbai Police’s #HappyFriendshipDay2019 Wish Amidst Mumbai Rains Doesn’t Make You Emotional, We Don’t Know What Will, Check Poetic Friendship Day Tweet
Mumbai Police Friendship Day Wish (Photo Credits: Twitter/ Mumbai Police)

Today is the first Sunday of August which means it is friendship day, but Mumbai, the city that is currently drenched in rainwater has its spirit super high despite floods hell-bent upon ruining plans. Every year after BMC's promises fail big time, it is Mumbai Police that takes it on themselves to help people in every way possible. Not only that, Mumbai's spirit is very well-known when it comes to helping people stuck in floods. This year Friendship day is witnessing a heavy rainfall and Mumbai Police has the most heart-touching wish for the people of the city of dreams. Happy Friendship Day! Kendall Jenner - Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift - Selena Gomez: Meet The Most Stylish Hollywood BFFs.

As we all know that the Twitter handle of Mumbai Police is quite on point and have the quirkiest takes on stuff that trends on social media. Even today, when Mumbai is flooding on friendship day Mumbai police Twitter handle wished the people of Mumbai is the best way. They wrote on Twitter, "Real friendship is sticking through the rainy days! Mumbai, for you, we'd always do it all over again. #HappyFriendshipDay2019", and the statement speaks volumes! Happy Friendship Day 2019 Wishes and Best Friends Forever Images: WhatsApp Stickers, GIFs, Facebook Photos, Quotes, Status and DPs to Share With BFFs.

Check Tweet by Mumbai Police of Friendship Day:

The quote, indeed, is very true. Real friendship is actually all about being there in the wort times and Mumbai Police has fulfilled its promises as Mumbai's best friend. What do you think about it?