A video of a man carrying a bike on his bike and climbing on a bus to keep it on top of it has gone viral on social media platforms. As the clip was shared widely, people couldn't believe that the man was strong enough to carry the whole bike by himself. The clip shows some men helping him lift the bike, but once it is kept on the head of the man, he climbs a ladder with the vehicle on his head. While it is shocking in the first place, netizens are also wondering about the strength of the man. People commented on the video saying that he looked like some strong bodybuilder. Another worrying element of the video is the fact he does not use any safety measure. Social Distancing Jugaad Bike Goes Viral! Similar Indian Creations of Bicycle and E-rickshaw Maintaining Safe Distance That Caught All Praises Amid Lockdown (Watch Videos)

What is even more shocking is people watching it cooly as if it were a normal thing is very surprising. It seems for the man it is a normal act. One of the comments on the video reads, "Show this to John Abraham." A social media user wrote, The act of balancing." Another comment says, "Unbelievable, it happens only in India."

Man Carries Bike on His Head Without Any Support:

Here's How Twitterati Reacted:


And Worrying!

People can also be recording the incident on their phones. As he climbs, a man can be seen holding the ladder firmly so that it does not shake or the man does not end up falling down. As he reaches the top of the bus, other men help in taking it off from his head.

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