Man Vs Wild: Angry 1000-kg Rhino Chases Two Bikers, Viral Video Scares Netizens
Wild Rhino Chases Two Bikers (Photo Credits: Twitter/@susantananda3)

Agitating any wild animal is not a good idea, whether its a tiger or a Tsetse Fly. And if someone irritates massive creatures such as elephants or rhinoceros then this is the biggest mistake that they can commit as the animals can weigh up to 1000 kg and can sprint really fast. A video has been going viral on the internet, where a rhino can be seen chasing a bike. Tiger Chases Bikers in Kerala’s Wayanad, Viral Video Scares Netizens

IFS Susantha Nanda shared the video with a caption: "Rhino striding the streets. It’s not the 55km/ hr speed that matters, they reach the full speed from zero in a matter of seconds in few strides. Thats incredible fast for a mammal weighing more than 1000 kgs." Duck Survives a Tiger Attack! This Viral Video Teaches Us How to Duck Problems Skilfully. 

Here's the Video:

In the clip, a rhino can be seen chasing two men on the bike at a pretty good speed. Although the exact location and time of the clip is not known, some comments on the video suggest that it could be from Assam.

Earlier a similar video from Kerala's Wayanad went viral in which a tiger was seen chasing two men in a bike. Reportedly, the video was shot in Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. After the tiger appeared from the forest and started chasing them, the biker immediately increased his speed and made a good distance from the animal.