October 23 marks the celebration of National iPod Day. On this day in 2001, Apple introduced the first portable music player. It had been in development for a year and it was a historic tech for all music-lovers. Since then, this day is marked as iPod Day in the US. This invention changed the way people listened to music and even purchased new albums for their collection. It took music portability to a new level. People also eventually listened to other media like books, stories and news. On this iPod Day 2020, we give you some facts about this portable music player. Apple Unveils First New IPod Model in Four Years.

9 Fun Facts About iPods

  • The name iPod was proposed by freelance copywriter, Vinnie Chieco. It was inspired by a phrase in Stanley Kubrick's movie 2001: A Space Odyssey – ““Open the pod bay door, Hal!" 
  • iPod was first planned as product for internet kiosks by Joseph N Grasso and registered it in 2003.
  • Apple did not originally come up with the idea of portable music player and hard disk. The first idea was Tony Fadell, an amateur DJ in 1999. He is called the father of the iPod.
  • The iPod design was inspired from 1958 Braun T3 transistor radio. It was created by great German designer Dieter Rams.
  • The first ever iPod made had 5GB of capacity.
  • It is illegal to play your iPod louder than 100 decibels in France.
  • The batteries of iPod can last between 14 to 28 days if not used at all.
  • The world's most expensive iPod costs $231,776.
  • In 2014, Apple discontinued the iPod Classic version. It is now used as a collectible item.

If you love using the iPod then these facts would serve your interest. You can share these facts and your love for this device with everyone today. Let us remember one of the iconic inventions by Apple.

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