To Every Child of Mine,

I call you all children because you call me all Mother Earth! Although, it hurts when you’re reminded of the relation only on certain days of the year. I am, of course, glad that you have these observances to celebrate me, but today, I am here to talk about my son, the one closest and deeply connected to me – Environment. Now, if you are pondering upon that relation, as you have as children, grown up playing on your parent’s shoulders, Environment has been on mine. I believe he was created as a byproduct of me, don’t you think? And June 5, marks his birthday, you again decide that. I’m glad; he gets his share of celebration too.

After a good introduction, I write to you, to address his concerns, because I am tired of his aggression. I see that all of you are giving us this time to heal right now. But off late, Environment is acting like a wayward teenager who just would not listen, but the problem is he’s not a teenager anymore. He’s into a billion years old of sustenance and feeling threatened for decades. I don’t have words to comfort him anymore.

Environment grew into such a pleasant child of mine. Adjusting with all seasons, adapting to all regions. But somewhere years along the way, he couldn’t take the damage coming at him. I had prepared him for this, but sometimes as a mother, even you cannot foresee the challenges your family will be facing. He soon lost his cool. Know why you feel hot nowadays?

My forests have burnt like never before; my animals have charred and returned to my soil. My glaciers are melting and meeting with my oceans.

Nature probably needs technology a bit, but I have observed a lot of you seem happy when you switch off from your devices? You come back to nature for your “much-needed breaks”. I know you are craving one, so bad! Imagine, I say that? Me, my Environment, my flora, fauna, my insects (including the murder hornets and locusts) all of us taking a break, coming on a vacation to meet you all, the humans. I know you have something called an Alexa to do the tasks for you, Environment has become my Alexa. Look at him, working on his own, using his might, unleashing wrath and you term it is as “2020”. Oh, you humans, you are so bounded in time-frames.

Environment seems to have taken charge, and he’s untethered the winds and waves, the heatwaves are making you sweaty, the cyclones are causing devastation, my ground is shaking in some parts, the sea levels are rising in another. These are all his defences. Together I try to hold the 7 billion of you, the number which increases every day.

I am no creator of what you are going through right now. But my son is definitely going through a lot. I think we need to understand that we are only separate as entities, but highly inter-dependent.

It is an extremity of mixed emotions, when I see people leaving the planet and others celebrating it. Of course, I am happy that you’re working on exploring the outer space, but when you make it sound like “I wish I could leave the planet, right now”, I think I have failed you. I think me and my very next family of flora, fauna, Environment, all of us have let you so down even after supporting you since…. What’s my age again?

Or have you failed us?

I believe in no god, but I would like to believe in you. It is my son’s birthday today, that you celebrate. And all that you do for him today, will not be enough. As a mother, to you all, I think I am in demanding position, to make you think of us together, of my family and yours, of the generations to come, of the lives to sustain.

On this World Environment Day, I was hoping you could think of it (him) as an entity. Each of you, after all, has a part of him which you call your own Environment, and it determines the kind of life you will grow. On my son’s birthday, I ask thee, to be together in this, more now than ever. I want you all to show him you care, I want you all to show the respect he deserves, I want you all to rethink your choices, I want you all to exist. Because without you, our existence is nothing but a chapter for alien’s history books. The most interesting one!

Yours Lovingly,

Mother Earth!

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