The COVID-19 pandemic may have put lives to a standstill, but netizens sure find ways to spread some joy on the internet amid the stressful situation. With vaccines rolled out and on trials in countries being headlined, something caught the netizens’ eye! It’s the scientist behind the ‘Mix and Match’ UK Covid vaccine trial. The UK is reportedly conducting a study to investigate volunteers' immune response if they are inoculated with two different COVID vaccines. But more than the concept of ‘mix and match,’ it is the man behind the study—Professor Matthew Snape who has caught the attention of people. Yes, that’s the name of a wizard from Harry Potter books, you reckon?

Sharing your name with a famous fictional character can be fascinating and best if you share a similar career. The Oxford vaccine researcher, Professor Matthew Snape, has the same surname as Harry Potter’s most controversial antagonist. Right now, he is running the crucial vaccine trial in the UK. When the British media began to cover the vaccine trial, Harry Potter fans were quick to point out Snape’s name. They sure can’t keep calm and the tweets on Hogwarts’ ‘Potions Master,’ have gone viral.

The fictional Professor Snape is a so-called ‘half-blood’ wizard and the Potions Master in Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. Meanwhile, the real-life Professor Snape is the chief investigator in charge of what’s known as the ‘mix and match’ trial. He is an Associate Professor in General Paediatrics and Vaccinology at the Oxford Vaccine Group. As the namesake went viral, the University of Oxford tweeted a clarification noting that Professor Matthew Snape is not a ‘Dark Arts’ professor. But Harry Potter fans kept fixating on the professor’s name.

University of Oxford Clarifying About Professor Snape

But Harry Potter Fans Can't Keep Calm!

People Take Great Comfort!


Slytherin House Is On the News


Professor Snape Is Alive

COVID Potion Trial

So, it turns out that Snape is alive! Keeping the jokes and similarities aside, the ‘mix and match’ trial is reportedly expanding to include new volunteer test subjects and is expected to last for about a year.

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