Sushma Swaraj Points Out Error In Journalist Shekhar Gupta's Tweet On Swami Agnivesh Assault, Remains Silent On Attack; Gets Trolled
Sushma Swaraj (Image credits: PTI)

Mumbai, July 18: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is being criticised on Twitter yet again. This time for pointing out an error in her designation in a senior journalist's tweet yet completely ignoring the point he was trying to make in the tweet. Senior journalist and 'The Print' Founder Shekhar Gupta on Tuesday tweeted out about the attack on social activist Swami Agnivesh and mentioned when Agnivesh was the Haryana Education Min and "Sushma Swaraj his deputy".

"In 40+ yrs of knowing him since he was Haryana Edu Min & Sushma Swaraj his deputy, I have never seen the elegant arya samaji without his turban. This is heart-breaking. To do this to a man because you disagree with him. Never mind that he’s also saffron-clad (sic)," Gupta tweeted.

Responding to this tweet, Swaraj tweeted, "Shekhar : I was always a Cabinet Minister. I was never a deputy to anybody (sic)." Following this, several users on Twitter came out against Swaraj asking her why she said nothing about the issue that was tweeted out and just pointed out the error in her position.

Radio Jockey Salil Acharya tweeted, "Wowwww a man is beaten up by a bunch of hooligans from the BJP and your pride can't see beyond your position ... mam wasn't all the abuse a reality check with whom you and the rest of the country are dealing with ???? (sic)" While many called out to Gupta for making an error despite being a senior journalist, several users came out against Swaraj for remaining silent on the attack on Agnivesh.

Here is Sushma Swaraj's reaction to Shekhar Gupta's tweet:

Here are the reactions to Sushma Swaraj's tweet

Swami Agnivesh was on Tuesday attacked allegedly;y by BJP Yuva Morcha and ABVP workers in Jharkhand's Pakur area. According to reports, the attackers also tore Agnivesh's clothes while beating him up. The BJYM workers were reportedly protesting against Agnivesh's visit to the region saying he was trying to incite the tribals in Pakur.