This Pakistani Spice Mix Ad Breaks Gender Stereotypes in The Most Heartwarming Way (Watch Video)
Shan Masala ad (Photo Credits: Shan Foods YouTube)

Until recently ads of detergents, dish wash liquids, instant food mix, instant food mixes mostly starred just women. The ads were portrayed in such a way that only women used these items or is rather meant for them. Fortunately, ads in the recent times have been broad-minded enough to cater to the right audiences with the right messages. While some continue to test their age-old 'women belong to the kitchen' adage, most manufacturers and marketers have been keenly observing the changing market and catering to the needs accordingly.

And a recent ad that is arresting the attention of social media is by Shan Masala. The ad of the spice mixes which is largely popular in Pakistan is being praised for breaking gender stereotypes. It shows a family where all members are men and how food something that everyone regardless of gender needs to survive is not just the woman's job.

A groom-to-be arrives at the house and is intimidated by his sturdy brothers-in-laws-to-be. Among bodybuilders, wrestlers and horse riders, the new guy is made to feel out of place, only until the cook of the house goes missing. The groom-to-be grabs the opportunity; shows off his cooking skills and impresses everyone.

Watch the ad here:

Time and again, good ads highlighting a societal issue, cause or need has been well received and praised by audiences. The ad subtly shows how men can equally be the in-house kitchen, cook and serve a family. It is relieving to finally see when ads prove a point while focusing on its commercial side.