We wrap up this day, leaving you with the top viral stories of the day compiled in a video.Watch Video:

A picture from a plane crash is sending chills to netizens. The pilot suffered minor injuries whereas the plane's only passenger escaped unharmed.Check Pic:

The adorable incident of a cub giving her mother a big fright goes viral. Netizens cannot stop falling in love with the cub.Watch Video:

BTS' Jimin is on vacation and fans are in loves with all the videos and pictures going viral online.Check Video:

Monkeys are intelligent creatures and there are several videos on the internet which show why. A recent video shared by UNICEF's officer shows a monkey trying its best to close a leaky pipe. The video has been shared to give the message of Save Water, which we humans need to take seriously.Watch the viral video here:

Ayushmann Khurana's film Bala's trailer released today. The comic film shows a bald avatar of the actor and netizens are already amused with it. Funny memes and reactions are made on Bala Trailer stills.Check Some Funny Memes: 

Video of a four-year-old boy hanging the window of the fourth-floor apartment has gone viral on social media platforms. He was saved after the widening the gap between the iron bars. The video is being widely circulated on social media platforms.Here is The Video:

Video of an MSNBC national security correspondent's son wandering into the newsroom while she was live on camera has gone viral on social media platforms. Courtney Kube can be heard saying, "Excuse me, my kids are here..live television." The incident went viral with social media users laughing at it.Watch The Video Here:Watch The Video Here:

October 10 is observed as World Mental Health Day. The day creates awareness about mental health disorders and fighting the stigma attached to it. The theme for World Mental Health Day 2019 is "suicide prevention". Check Out The Tweets Below:

You Will Be Fine One Day!

As the weekend approaches, people have taken to the internet sharing their plans for the upcoming holidays. Meanwhile, some are also sharing motivational quotes and inspirational thoughts with the hashtags #ThursdayThoughts and #ThursdayMotivation.Check Out The Tweets Below:

Have a Great Day!

The weekend is almost here and most of us are just eagerly looking forward to tomorrow right? But then to get through the start of this day, people are sharing positive quotes and messages. So like each day, Thursday Thoughts, Thursday Motivation are among the top trends of this day. And all that trends along the day, be it funny memes or viral videos we will try and get it all in one place in this viral blog of the day. And in the age of the internet, you cannot really guess what goes viral when.

October 10 marks the celebration of World Sight Day. It is a day that focuses on preventing blindness and vision impairment. This day is also marked as World Mental Health Day, which focuses on the mental issues that are faced by many people these days but are not so talked about. So messages relating to these two important observances are likely to trend on social media.

The internet binds us all together and all trends are thus easier to be kept a tab on. A video from one place can be reshared elsewhere and it can go viral. Similar is the case with more funny memes and stories that take place around the world. Even a single reaction can become a meme. And these days memes are the new form of entertainment. So we will try and keep you updated on all the funny memes, viral videos and trending topics of the day. Stay tuned with us to know what all are the trends.