A funny video from a few days ago is going viral on the internet. A man in the United Kingdom attempted a break-in in a car and hurled a brick at the window. But the brick hit the glass and hurled back at the man on his face! The funny video has left everyone on Twitter commenting about Instant Karma.Watch the Funny Video Here:

There are several funny videos that keep coming online. One of the videos that is going viral shows a random stranger dancing on the road with a stray dog. Their small jig was caught on a camera and soon as the footage came online it has been going viral.Check the Video Here:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's pictures riding on a white horse on a snow-covered Mount Paektu were released by media recently. These pictures, however, have evoked some funny reactions from people on the internet some even calling him the King of the North from Game of Thrones.Watch the funny reactions below:

A Berlin woman claims she is in love with an aircraft and that they have been in a relationship for the past five years. She has also revealed plans to get married to this Boeing 737-800. Read the entire story here.Check Out Her Picture With The Plane: 

Video of a cat irritated at an Iron Man toy playing on its body has gone viral on social media. The clip shows the cat looking at the toy in anger while it dances.Watch The Video Below:

Kate Middleton wearing local designers' salwar kameez from the first royal visit to Pakistan since 2006 goes viral.Check Twitter:

This is the adorable moment of a baby and corgi puppy whose instant bonding is taking over the internet. Identified as six-month-old Evie, in reports, she meets her aunt's corgi puppy, Winston for the very first time in their Florida home. And the pair quickly hit the friendship bell. The short video is going crazy viral online.Watch the Viral Video:

TikTok User Priyanka Kandwal is the new internet sensation. Thanks to her stunning resemblances to the late Indian film actress Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi, better known by her stage name Madhubala. Dubbed as "TikTok Ki Madhubala", Priyanka awesomely styles herself like the late actress and people could not agree more. They are loving every video of her.Watch Viral Video:

Here's Another One:

One-year-old Eris, a Borzoi Sighthound is said to have the longest snout in the world and a one glance is enough to spot its uniqueness. The dog's unique feature attracts its neighbours because of which its owner, Joey Kidd-Kambourian set up an Instagram page, which has more than a lakh followers. Read full story hereView Pics:
Just Look at Her Beauty!

Yongqing Bao won the Natural History Museum award for the perfect picture he took at the right time and right place. There is nothing to say about the image, a person has to see the picture to fall in love with it!Yongqing Bao Submission for the Competition

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It's Wednesday and people have taken to the internet sharing their 'Good Morning' wishes and messages. While some seem to be upset that the weekend is still a little too long, others are glad that they sailed through Monday and survived the grill. Meanwhile, Twitterati is sharing inspirational quotes and motivational thoughts with the hashtag #WednesdayThoughts and #WednesdayWisdom. And as the day progresses, we promise to keep you updated with everything trending on social media around the world. Stay tuned with this live blog for stories from across countries. From funny memes, hilarious GIF, latest Facebook posts and tweets to everything trending on social media.

October 16 marks National Boss Day in the United States. On the observance, people greet their bosses and thank them for motivating and guiding them. Employees also send appreciation cards and 'Thank You' notes showing honour and respect to their managers. World Food Day is also observed on October 16 in creating awareness about tackling global hunger and consuming better nutrient-rich food.

World Anaesthesia Day is also observed on October 16 to commemorate the first successful demonstration of ether anaesthesia on October 16, 1846. This is one of the significant events which took place at the Massachusetts General Hospital, home of the Harvard School of Medicine. It helped patients obtain the benefits of surgical treatment without the pain associated with an operation. World Spine Day is observed on October 16 to highlight the need to raise awareness of back pain and other issues related to the spine.

World Restart a Heart Day 2019 also falls on October 16. The Restart a Heart campaign (RSAH) is an annual initiative led by the Resuscitation Council (UK) in partnership with The British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance, and Yorkshire Ambulance Service that tries to improve the low number of people surviving cardiac arrests outside hospitals. Meanwhile, we wish all our readers a great Wednesday and hope you get the required might to sail through the day well. Happy Wednesday, folks!