TikTok challenges have become a big deal these days. While fun challenges like the Renegade challenge or the pizza challenge is fun to watch, one really scary Tiktok trend has recently gone viral. Also known as the Tripping Jump Challenge or the Skullbreaker challenge, it is viral on TikTok and one of the schoolkids suffered a fractured arm trying out this video trend. This challenge requires three people who first jump up together and when they take the second jump including the person in the middle is jumping, the two people on both the other side, kick the middle person off their feet to make them fall. The unsuspecting person falls dangerously on their back.  of that person kick their feet, causing them to fall backwards. Skullbreaker Challenge: Dangerous TikTok Trend Goes Viral; Here's Why You Should Not Attempt it (Watch Videos).

On Feb 17 a student at North Corbin Jr. High School in Walker became the victim of this ruthless challenge when during lunch break he was approached by two other students asking to see who could jump the highest. However, the boy was made to stand in the middle and when he fell off hard, the 7th grader was taken to the hospital, where doctors revealed he had a fracture of his upper humerus. The body part is located at the top of his left arm and X-rays showed the damage near his shoulder. While the boy’s arm is in a sling, for now, his grandmother wants other parents to beware. "To warn them, this is not a joke. This is not a game, this is serious, and this could happen to you," said Tammy Hamilton to WAFB9.

"The child on the right jumped, the child on the left jumped and then we he jumped, they kicked his feet out from under him, knocking him back onto the ground on the concrete," said Hamilton. For those who don't know, here's how the challenge looks like:

Hamilton wants all parents to talk to their children before someone else gets hurt. "It’s something everyone should be aware of. They need to teach their kids, talk to them, that it’s a serious issue. It [viral challenge] could have broke his neck, broke his back, cracked his skull, could’ve been a deadly thing," she said.

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