How are you planning to spend your time during self-quarantine? You may be watching Netflix, reading a book, staying hooked to your phone shuffling from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter to TikTok, but this one UK University student Rebecca, 19, thought of calling up all her exes to ask them what exactly went wrong between them. Creative we would say, but the results we imagined to be spine-chilling. However, they were quite interesting on the contrary. Calling back your exes is like opening pandora's box, but this woman thought of using the time for self-growth after she came across a quote from Kitty O’Meara that read: "And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still." She contact her exes to find out why they finished off relationships with her. What Is It Like to Live with Coronavirus? Ohio Couple Shares a Word of Caution About the Prevention of COVID-19. 

But first, you can take a look at this inspiring post too and come up with creative ideas without going out or coming in contact with others. Check post:


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Post Edit: originally written by @irene_vella_ Translated by: Kitty O’Meara . . I am beginning to think that the universe is giving us a gift. It’s almost as if we are ready for a shift, and we are being prepared as a collective whole to shed our old ways of thinking, and open our hearts to new ideas and solutions. . . We are being given the precious gift of time. Time to stay home, time to reflect, time to rethink the way we treat ourselves and others. Take this offering from the universe and use it to heal. . . Are you finding that being alone with your thoughts for a few days feels like too much to bear? I encourage you to go a little deeper within and ask yourself why. You will find that there is deep healing within that answer 🙏🏻 . . Have you been running yourself into the ground? Eating poorly because you don’t have time to learn how to cook? Allowing stress to create physical illness inside of you? The universe is asking you to slow down. Reflect during this time and ask yourself what changes you might be able to make to live a healthier life now. This will build momentum that you will carry into the future once the dust settles💗

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Rebecca believes that "the people who have experienced the worst of me are definitely the most qualified to tell me what went wrong and how to improve." She further said, "It’s worth a try to see how I can be the best me I can be. Plus, I really didn’t have anything better to do - I was just so bored. Waiting for them to reply was terrifying, but actually everyone was really nice - there’s no hard feelings there. It gave me a bit of a reality check - it’s so easy to just block someone out of your life."

She made the first call was to Jay. She had met in her first-year accommodation but broke up with him last year. She called things off with him in bed. Their dating period lasted for just a few months. Jay said that despite things being great initially, "After thinking it through for a while, I guessed you probably thought that yes I’m nice and I look after you, but that you aren’t getting the most out of someone you should be fully committed to. I don’t believe you made any wrong conscious choices, and neither did I."

Rebecca called Tim after Jay whom she was friends with before getting into a relationship. Their relationship began three years ago and they dated for a couple of months. With Tim, he thought that she'd ended things really out of the blue especially since she'd even brought him gifts the day before. He said: "I do wanna say, and I feel this is a good time to say it, that I’m sorry for after it happened and I came to your house, still feel like a dick about it years later." And his one piece of advice: "It’s the cutting people off really - like for the longest time I assumed you just got bored of me."

The third and final call was to Ed - her first kiss. And, since the pair are still friends he wasn't afraid to be a little more heartless with his advice. He revealed the pair had only been together for three days and said Rebecca should have had the the "b******s to dump me yourself" after Rebecca had her "scary friend" do the deed for her. He soon got back to the task at hand, suggesting these improvements: "One, confidence. Two, you could have been a bit more passionate, a bit more affectionate.

We kinda really like the idea. However, there are so many other ways you can utilise your quarantine period to reflect on your past and what kind of a person you have grown up to be. Let the lockdown, social distancing or quarantine help you become a better, healthier person.

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