Viral Tweet Claims Sex in Urdu Is Called ‘हमबिस्तरी’, Netizens Join In With Their Own Funny Translations
Humbistari viral tweet (Photo Credits: File Image)

Urdu is a poetic language and that has been said enough. While most of the words have evolved and used regularly in Hindi, the essence that Urdu words add can never be replaced. There is a certain aura that the traditional Urdu words have and those who love languages will vouch in its beauty. But now, the Urdu word for sex has got the internet cracking up. A Twitter user named @oldschoolmonk revealed the Urdu word for sex. The word is Hum Bisatri, which means, "The act of coupling or joining; union." It is used to describe coming together of male and female in the act of sexual union. And now netizens are united in giving their own funny interpretations to this word.

In Urdu, there is a prayer that is said before having sexual intercourse. It is called as Humbisatri ki dua. Some netizens shared a picture of the same in the thread. But what's funnier is the reactions that some of the people have. If you have been using Twitter for long, you'd know that pun games always work. The tweet is now going viral with people giving their own twist to the word. This Fun Tweet on Microsoft Acquiring WeWork Has Inspired Some 'Excel'lent Puns.

Check The Viral Tweet Here:

*Spits Water*

Civil Engineers Unite

Here's The Dua

What if it Goes Beyond The Bed?

Or is it Because You Hum?

This fun tweet has got close to a thousand likes and over 150 people have retweeted it. The responses continue to get funnier. Were you aware of this Urdu word? It sure does sound poetic and far from erotic.