Finding love over the internet is not a novel concept anymore. Ever since social media has helped in making strangers friends, people have found their partners through these sites. Twitter may be used more for microblogging but people have found love over this platform too and #WeMetOnTwitter is a trend where people share their love stories. This trend became popular back in September but it has emerged again recently. As users share stories and pictures of finding their life partners over Twitter, others have taken to funny memes and jokes. Those who are unable to find a partner through Twitter are utilising this trend to make funniest jokes, some poking fun at their singlehood.

Some people have been really lucky to find their life partners over Twitter. And who wouldn't like to share their love and luck with others? So couples who met over Twitter are posting pictures of themselves with #WeMetOverTwitter. One such post is going viral again and the trend picked up again. The best reactions come in from the single people who are making memes and jokes on their own misfortune of not finding love here.

Here's a Couple Who Have Met Through Twitter: 

Another One

After the above tweet started going viral, funny memes and jokes started trending online.

Check Some Funny Memes and Jokes Here:

Short Story

Tinder Right Now

If There was a Facial Expression to Describe It


Aren't We All Here For It?

How Many of You?

Most of Us

So as much as some stories under this hashtag are heartwarming, they are disappointing for those who are in hopes of finding someone over Twitter. Till then, you can enjoy these jokes and memes.

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