Ramesh Powar Posts a Cryptic Tweet Minutes After Mithali Raj Tweets about Mud-Slinging; Former Cricket Gets Slammed by Netizens
Mithali Raj and Ramesh Powar (FIle Photo)

The battle between Mithali Raj and Ramesh Powar has stirred a lot of controversies. After being axed from the semi-finals of the T20 Women's World Cup 2018, Mithali Raj wrote to BCCI and narrated about how indifferent was coach Ramesh Powar to her. She was even accused Diana Edulji of using her position against the cricketer. For the first time after the fiasco, Mithali Raj spoke about how difficult it was after her patriotism was being doubted. Minutes after Mithali’s tweet Ramesh Powar posted a cryptic tweet about forgiveness and got slammed for the same. Ramesh Powar Responds to Mithali Raj’s Claims; Says, ‘She Was Difficult to Handle’.

Mithali Raj tweeted her frustration by saying that her patriotism is questioned after 20 years of hard work and playing for my country. “I'm deeply saddened & hurt by the aspersions cast on me. My commitment to the game & 20yrs of playing for my country.The hard work, sweat, in vain. Today, my patriotism doubted, my skill set questioned & all the mud slinging- it's the darkest day of my life. May god give strength,” read the tweet. 'Darkest Day of My Life': Mithali Raj on Ramesh Powar's Charges on Attitude

Powar took to Twitter to post a cryptic tweet which read, "Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace."

With this tweet, the former cricketer got trolled mercilessly. Check out a few posts below:

“Shame on you, u will be remembered in history as the one who defamed the woman superstar of the nation and the one who cost Indian women team a world cup,” read a post.

“U don't deserve forgiveness u porky. U questioning her skill and fitness is like u trying to teach cricket to Kohli. Look at urself in the mirror. Try to do 10 situps. U r the biggest joke in India now. Ramesh powar is coach is enough to make somebody winner of comedy circus,” read a tweet.

A netizen wrote, “You don't deserve a place in women's cricket.”

Sunil Gavaskar spoke about the controversy and supported Mithali Raj. "I feel sorry for Mithali. She has a very good point. She has served Indian cricket for 20 years. She scored runs, she won player of the match in both matches (she played at the World T20)," Gavaskar had told a news channel. Ramesh Powar's tenure as a coach ended on last Friday and needs to reapply for the post if he wishes to coach the Indian women's team. However, it is very unlikely that he would reapply for the position as his management skills have now come under the scanner with this incident.