Android 9 Pie: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Google’s New Android OS
Android 9 Pie OS (File Photo)

Google's next version of OS - Android P indeed was the hot talk of the town since Google IO 2018. With various speculations and rumours in the market regarding the name, the tech-giant surprised everyone by announcing the final name of the next OS. Google's next version of Android is called as 'Pie', continuing its tradition of naming the OS after desserts. To keep things simple, Google decided to go with a simple name this time around. To proffer more insight about the new Android version, we list down top changes on the new Android 9 Pie. Google’s Android 9 Pie Launched; Here Are the Features and List of Compatible Devices for the New OS.


Gesture navigation: The most noticeable change on the new OS is a new navigation button that changes the traditional way of navigating. The new navigation button continues to occupy the same space, but the home screen is now available with pill-shape. The users can tap it to go on home, flick it up to see recent apps and to swipe upwards twice or pull it up further to get app drawer or hold it for activating the Google Assistant. Moreover, the back button appears when required. However, the gestures are not pre-activated by default, which needs to be enabled from Settings.

Adaptive Battery and Brightness (File Photo)

Adaptive Battery and Brightness: Adaptive Battery is the most significant improvement that an Android has ever received. Developed by Alphabet’s AI-outfit DeepMind, the feature learns about the user’s usage patterns and directs the power to the apps required by the user needs it. Thus, improving the day-to-day battery life. Google Android 9.0 Pie Officially Rolls Out to Pixel Smartphones, Focus is On Artificial Intelligence.

Smart replies: This feature has been already available on the apps like Gmail. But with the new OS, Google has pushed this feature to other apps as well. With this new feature, the users can reply from the notification bar itself making it easy and one-button prompt reply.

Slices on Android Pie (File Photo)

Slices: Another great addition to the new version of Android OS is slices, which displays information from apps within the Google search app similar to Google display snippets, which provides information within boxes.

Digital Wellbeing (File Photo)

Digital Wellbeing: Google is currently proffering new anti-smartphone addiction tools called 'Digital Wellbeing'. These new tools are offered to a limited number of users as it is now under beta testing. The tool helps the users to understand the amount of time spent on the phone as well as the particular app. With this tool, the users can set a time for specific apps and beefs up DND function silencing voice and visual alerts. Android 9 Pie Launched! Here are the Names of all Android Versions Released Till Now.

Time on the left side of the notches: Google has now added time from the top right side corner to the left side of the status bar. However, it may not be a significant change, but it creates more space for screen notch similar to the one seen on Huawei P20 Pro and OnePlus 6. Xiaomi Mi A2 Smartphone Launching Today in India; Watch the Live Streaming & Online Telecast Here.

Android 9 Pie (File Photo)

The initial release of the new Android 9 Pie is limited to Google Pixel devices and Essential Phone only. However, this new version of OS will be rolled out to other selected devices such as OnePlus 6, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Huawei Honor 8 Pro and Android One devices will receive by the end of this fall or around December. Moreover, Google has already started rolling out the new Android Pie to smartphones like Pixel 2, Pixel XL, Pixel, and Pixel 2XL. Also, other manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Motorola and others are expected to receive Android Pie update by early next year.