Mumbai, February 28: Google's Gemini AI chatbot has been criticised online by the public and tech experts for promoting racism and wokeism. People have shared screenshots online showing the Gemini AI giving hateful answers regarding white people calling the PM Narendra Modi 'fascists' and showing incorrect images of the USA's founding fathers. Tech billionaire Elon Musk also openly criticised Google and its services. 

Due to the inaccurate representations through its image and text generation, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had been suggested to resign from its post. According to the report by India Today, the Google CEO has responded about the Gemini AI and its working issues. Sundar Pichai reportedly acknowledged the problematic text and image generation capabilities of Gemini AI and called them "completely unacceptable" and also said to be working on fixing the issues. Elon Musk Continues Tirade Against Google, Saying Its Artificial Intelligence Model Gemini As Super Racist and Sexist.

The statement from Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressing the problem and calling it "got it wrong" came days after the controversy started picking up the heat online. However, he said that the Google team has been working on fixing the issue and has seen substantial improvement on many prompts. 

From generating inaccurate historical images to calling Vikings as Black people and depicting the Pope as a woman, the Gemini AI chatbot from Google has been surrounded by controversies for days. As per the report by India Today, Google's AI chatbot failed to answer a viral query about Elon Musk posting memes vs Adolf Hitler being worse. Mark Zuckerberg Meets LG Electronics CEO Cho Joo-Wan To Discuss Corporate Collaborations in Extended Reality and Augmented Reality Sector: Report.

Google's CEO said, "No AI is perfect" in defence of its Gemini AI services and promised to fix the issue. The report said that the CEO said to take several actions such as updating guidelines, changing the company structures, testing everything thoroughly, and making necessary changes. Sundar Pichai reportedly said that the mission is to organise information about the world and make it universally acceptable.

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