Delhi, February 2: Google has removed 12 apps from its Playstore  warning android users to act immediately and delete these apps as they could prove dangerous. These apps which have been downloaded millions of times are enticing users to click on links to risky websites in the guise of fitness and gaming apps.

According to a report in The Express, Golden Hunt, Reflector, Seven Golden Wolf blackjack, Unlimited Score, Big Decisions, Jewel Sea, Lux Fruits Game, Lucky Clover, King Blitz,  Lucky Step and WalkingJoy are the apps which have already been removed from the play store while Lucky Habit is still available on the play store as of publishing this story. Google Play Store To Remove App Permissions, Makes Developers Responsible for Data Collection.

These malicious apps lured users by promising them rewards for staying active like while walking and exercising. But when people tried to cash out, they were either blocked from claiming or asked to watch endless advertisements. Google Researchers Warn Million of Android Smartphones Prone to Hacking Due to Bug in One of Graphics Processing Units.

Some other apps were involved in phishing activities including tricking users into clicking bad links that download malware or direct them to a dodgy website. Some of them were under the guise of investing software, directories, and questionnaires whilst other appeared to be simple and addictive games.

However, none of these features were real and victims were asked to provide their personal data in order to submit an “application” for account registration or to communicate with an alleged expert.

If you have these apps on your device you might want to consider deleting them now.

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