The year is 2016, you have a newfound love for photography or travel or food or all of it. And so you create a public Instagram account and flame your dreams of being an influencer. Today, you suddenly come across the account and remember your pictures still exist for everyone to view. But how can you delete an Instagram account you forgot about? While logging into Instagram requires a few security steps, which can keep the account safe, it is always smarter to delete old, unused accounts to protect yourself from online miscreants. Well, there are a few ways that you can delete your old Instagram account, even without its password. Here’s everything you can try. Instagram Rolls Out New Feature, Users Can Now Enjoy Longer Uninterrupted Stories.

Reset Password

The easiest way to access any of your Instagram accounts is by resetting the password. A password reset link will be sent to your registered mail ID which can help you to log in and thereby delete the account.

Log In Via Facebook

If you linked your Instagram accounts with Facebook, the process of retrieving the old or forgotten account becomes a lot easier. Visit the Instagram page on a Desktop or Android phone, click on Login Via Facebook and enter the Facebook login details. You will have access to all the Instagram accounts that were created and linked to the Facebook account.

Choose Instagram Support

Now, what if you created an account using a mail ID that is long forgotten and you cannot recollect the User ID entered? Well, Instagram does have a support section to help people in these scenarios. After clicking on Forgot Password, you can click on Need More Help and follow the prompts mentioned.

The Last Resort

If none of the above options works, the last resort is reporting the old account to Instagram. Since the platform has strict rules for the safety and security of its users, you can report your old account as an imposter account to get it deleted indirectly.

Please note that if you want to delete an Instagram account, you need to log in to the Instagram website. The app does not have the facility of deleting your account. Go to More -> Help -> Instagram Help Center. Click on the Manage Your Account tab, and choose to delete your account. Here, you will have three options:

  • Temporarily Deactivate Your Instagram Account, which helps you to step away from the platform for some time, while keeping the repository of your content hidden from the platform, but accessible when you choose to reactivate the account.
  • Delete Your Instagram Account, which will permanently delete the Instagram account and all the content created by it.
  • Access Your Data, which gives you a step-by-step guide on how to review your data and movement on Instagram to check for any discrepancies.

We hope that these tips and tricks helped you to understand all that you can do with the multiple Instagram accounts you have.

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