Not Able to Capture Screenshot on Your Mobile? Google Chrome Version 65 Disables to Do So in Incognito Window
The message displayed when you take a screenshot in Chrome 65 (Photo credits:

The facility of taking a screenshot is so useful that it would be rare to find someone who is ungrateful of it. It just makes documenting something so much easier. In the tendency to forget something so quickly, a screenshot serves beneficial. But recently if you have observed, your mobile phone will not let you take a screenshot in the incognito mode on Google Chrome. It is because of Google Chrome's version 65 which has disabled the feature.

Not everyone has received the latest update but those who are up-to-date with technology have discussed the concern on Google forums. There are some threads about unable to take screenshots on an android. On attempting to take a screenshot you are displayed with a message 'Taking screenshots isn't allowed by the app or your organization.' But well, one can always go ahead, copy paste the link in normal mode and take a quick screenshot. But then it does dismiss the purpose of using incognito mode in the first place.

Can this feature be uninstalled?

As of now, one cannot remove this version. Even you uninstall and reinstall the application, it might not work. For those who have not yet received the update, you can turn off automatic updates and enjoy your freedom and privacy of incognito mode. But sooner or later, the application will update. Let us see if Google comes up with an option to remove the feature.

Users on product forums are not at all happy with the new move. There are many complaints about Chrome's new version. Many place a view that it just intrudes into someone personal space. One user by the name Chris writes, "Even if it's for security purposes, a feature like this literally destroys the "independence and neutrality" of the Android ecosystem." Others are asking for the feature to be fixed. Have you been noticing a similar problem?