2000-Year-Old Black Sarcophagus Tomb Discovered by Archaeologists in Egypt, See Pics
2000-Year-Old Black Sarcophagus Tomb (Photo Credits: Ministry of Antiquities/ Facebook)

Egypt holds a vast and mysterious trove of history which has interesting stories to tell. Archaeologists continue to discover these ancient sites and artefacts. And to add another one on the list, an old spooky relic was found inside an ancient tomb which is said to be the largest ever seen in Alexandria, Egypt. This recent finding has left experts baffled because it measures nine foot long and that they do not know who or what lies inside. The black granite sarcophagus is reportedly 2000-year-old as it dates back to the Ptolemaic period between 305BC and 30BC.

Scientists who evacuated the site are not sure why it is so big because as per historians, Ancient Egyptians were typically much smaller than modern men with an average height of over five foot. The archaeologists further revealed that the sarcophagus is covered in a thick layer of mortar which suggests that the coffin has never been opened since the time it was buried. The mystery does not end here. Scientists also came across an alabaster head of an unidentified man who could be the person inside the sarcophagus.

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced the mysterious finding on their Facebook page.

On July 1, during a regular archaeological inspection by government officials at a construction site, experts came across this ancient black tomb. The questions running among the scientists will only be answered once the sarcophagus is opened. Egypt is governed by strict laws to protect and preserve all its national antiques. Under the Protection of Antiquities Law, all antiquities are considered to be the property of the state. The finding is rare, and experts are trying to determine what is inside it.