How to Find the Aliens? NASA Is Hosting a Workshop to Find Extraterrestrial Technologies!
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay, kellepics)

Are you a space enthusiast more interested in discovering the ET? Well, then NASA has something exciting for you. The space agency is hosting a workshop that will help scientists to detect more signals pointing to the signs of life beyond the planet earth. Scientists and researchers are working really hard since years to trace the existence of any life other than earth. Alien life has been depicted in movies as a fantasy, but there is a huge possibility of them existing in real in this wide universe. Now to find the intelligent lot or rather technologies among these extra-terrestrials, NASA 's Technosignatures Workshop will explore to find them. Alien Spotted in Space? NASA Astronaut Claims He Saw an ET-Like Creature on Space Shuttle, Experts Dismissed It As Piece of Ice!

Every other day there are research papers and studies coming up hinting at the possibility of aliens, either many years ago, or encountering them in near future. Experts at NASA have themselves been looking into these civilizations but there has not been that much of a breakthrough. But the conference which will be held this week will evaluate the search for technosignatures and also look into the possibilities of the future. It is basically finding if these aliens use any technology and deriving their signals.

As NASA mentions on their website, "Technosignatures are signs or signals, which if observed, would allow us to infer the existence of technological life elsewhere in the universe. The best known technosignature are radio signals, but there are many others that have not been explored fully." Mysterious Alien Signals from Across the Universe Picked Up from a New Radio Telescope in Canada.

The sessions will have presentations that will discuss how to use technology to pick up signals and also the data about the field. It will be conducted by experienced speakers who have deeply studied the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. So the focus will be on finding the signals, communicate and find if there is another technology used by the more intelligent non-earthly species. NASA says, "Although we have yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life, NASA is amplifying exploring the solar system and beyond to help humanity answer whether we are alone in the universe."