By now, you'd be aware or have read off a solar eclipse occurrence on June 21. The annular solar eclipse which sees an illuminated ring of fire of the sun will take place on the morning on June 21 in India. Contrary to the popular beliefs of the solar eclipse being a bad omen and shouldn't be looked at, a lot of people love to view this once in a while celestial occurrence. But there are certain precautions that are necessary because looking at the sun directly even during an eclipse is harmful to the human eye. If you are keen on watching the solar eclipse, in this article, we tell you how to go about it. Solar Eclipse 2020 Date, Time & Other FAQs: From ‘What Is an Annular Solar Eclipse?’ to ‘Can We Sleep During Surya Grahan’ Most Asked Questions on June 21 Celestial Event Answered.

The solar eclipse of June 21 will start at 9:15 am and end at 3:04 pm in India. It will reach a peak point at 12.10 PM. So the entire duration of the eclipse will last around six hours. The main time of watching this spectacle would be a little before and after the peak point, which shows the 'ring of fire.' Solar Eclipse and Doomsday Conspiracy Theories: Ancient Myths and Beliefs About The Ring of Fire Celestial Event That Have Links With End of the World.

How to Watch The Solar Eclipse?

One must use indirect viewing techniques to watch a solar eclipse. There are special eclipse sunglasses that are available in the market. Since the shops are likely to be close, you could order a pair of these eclipse glasses online.

Do not use sunglasses and polaroid filters to look at the sun. Even if you have the darkest sunglasses, it doesn't guarantee the protection from the ultraviolet radiations.

Even if you have a telescope, you cannot watch through it directly pointing at the sun. There are special solar filters made by manufacturers which are attached at the front of the telescope and block the sunlight from entering it.

If you are watching the celestial event in the company of children you need to be extra careful as they may directly look up to the sky out of curiosity. In fact, you can make a pinhole camera at home to make your own equipment to watch the eclipse.

Watch Video of How to Make Pinhole Camera at Home:

Some people use sheets of gift wrapping paper, used X-ray films to watch through, while it does give a view, it is not a completely safe one. So stick to proper equipment for viewing a solar eclipse.

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