NASA Finds Perfectly Cut Rectangular and Pizza-Shaped Icebergs in Antarctica, View Pics
Antarctica icebergs (Photo credits: Twitter/NASA)

The continent of Antarctica is off late throwing surprises for scientists to study. The ice-covered continent has a plethora of mysteries so to say. Now NASA has spotted a perfectly-cut monolith slab of ice which looks very unnatural. In the shape of a rectangle, it has proper 90 degree angles too. And just a little away, is a Pizzaberg, an iceberg shaped like a slice of a pizza. These shapes are so perfect that they appear recently carved from a bigger sheet of ice. These images were taken by an IceBridge flight at the Larsen C ice shelf, near the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Headless Chicken Monster Filmed in Antartica Ocean for the First Time, Watch Video of the Weird-Looking Sea Cucumber. 

Operation IceBridgeis a mission to study the Earth's polar regions and understand about the ice accumulation and location, and how they have been changing over the years. Although these icebergs look carved out, they are an entirely natural phenomenon. A very basic imagery that we all have of an iceberg is an angular one with a small tip at the top of the water. But these rectangularly shaped icebergs are called as tabular icebergs. Blood Falls in Antarctica? Scientists Have Solved The Mystery of Flowing Red Water Decades Later. 

Take a Look at The Pictures of Perfectly Shaped Icebergs Spotted in Antarctica

Tabular icebergs are formed after they break from the ice shelves, which are bigger bodies of thick ice. "Tabular icebergs are rather like fingernails that crack of, giving them sharp edges. What makes this one a bit unusual is that it looks almost like a square," said NASA scientist Kelly Brunt. The ice of this rectangular iceberg is estimated to be a mile wide. Along with the tabular sheet, the triangular iceberg is seen off the in the Weddell Sea. It is unclear if these icebergs in the images are fully floating or partially submerged beneath the ocean.