New Delhi, April 21: Snapchat, a popular social media platform, is expected to roll out a new feature to maintain transparency with a watermark on AI-generated images. The anticipated update from Snapchat will likely help its users identify content created using artificial intelligence within the app.

With the Snapchat new feature update, a watermark, showing a Snap logo and a sparkle emoji, might be added to AI-generated images when they're saved or shared outside of the platform. Snapchat updates like these are crucial as it sets a standard for how AI-generated content is handled on social platforms and to ensure a safe environment for its users. Snapchat Solar System Feature: What Is It and Why Snap Is Disabling It; Check Details.

As per a report of Moneycontrol, Snapchat is taking a step forward in how it handles AI-generated images. The social media platform might soon add a watermark to images created with its generative AI tools when the image is exported or saved to the camera roll.

This Snapchat new feature update is a significant move to ensure users can distinguish AI-generated content. The presence of this watermark will help users and viewers to recognise that the image has been created with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. By implementing such features, Snapchat updates its policies to reflect the growing use of AI in content creation and highlights the importance of transparency in the digital environment.

Which Snapchat Features Use Generative AI?

Snapchat's premium users have access to the feature of generating AI images through the platform's own tools. The chatbot "My AI" and the "Dreams" tool of Snapchat enable users to produce or refine existing images using artificial intelligence technology. X New Update: Elon Musk Announces Improvement in Community Notes With New Update.

Snap has cautioned users not to delete the 'Ghost with sparkles' watermark from AI-generated images, emphasising that such actions would lead to a breach of their terms and conditions and ensuring that the origin of the content remains clear to all.

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