Tinder is Down After Facebook’s Privacy Fixes; Users Express Their Annoyance on Twitter
Tinder users express annoyance on Twitter. (Photo Credits: CNN/Twitter)

Popular dating app Tinder suffered a brief outrage after its users got stuck in Facebook login process where they were asked for extra permissions, only to be sent back to the original Facebook log-in request. Facebook has been rolling out more security and data privacy updates ever since it was hit by Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal in which millions of users had their data improperly shared with the UK-based data mining firm. Soon after, Tinder users started noting on Twitter that they had been kicked off the dating app and couldn’t log back on. Since you need a Facebook account to log into Tinder, this bug has potentially affected Tinder’s entire user base.

Confirming the glitch, the dating app tweeted late one Wednesday: “A technical issue is preventing users from logging into Tinder. We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to have everyone swiping again soon.” Meanwhile, Tinder users took to Twitter and complained that they had been ‘kicked off’ the dating back and that they could not sign back on.

Twitter Apologising for the Inconvenience Caused

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Tinder's Comeback Response

A Tinder spokesperson said, "A technical issue prevented some users from accessing Tinder earlier today. We found a resolution and quickly resumed service. We ask our users to ensure that they have updated the app and are running the most recent version."