BBC Unveils List of Highest Paid On-Air Stars & Their Salaries: Women Fail to Feature, All 'White Men' on it
BBC had drawn flak after its China editor resigned in January citing "illegal pay culture" | (Photo Credits: Getty)

London, July 11: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has revealed the list of its highest paid on-air stars. The list of 12 topmost-earning TV personalities fail to feature a women, giving impetus to the ongoing gender pay gap debate. The list is also expected to spark the debate on discrimination based on race as all 12 talent on it are "white men".

The top three paid on-air stars, as per the list, are Gary Lineker, Chris Evans and Graham Norton. Unlike the list released last year, the salary revealed is in brackets of 10,000 pounds, unlike 50,000 earlier.

The annual report also does not include the salaries of actors working for the BBC Studios. This means the pay of talents appearing on-air for EastEnders, Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who has not been revealed.

BBC List of 12 Most Paid On-Air Stars & Their Salaries:

  • Gary Lineker: £1,750,000 – £1,759,999
  • Chris Evans: £1,660,000 – £1,669,999
  • Graham Norton: £600,000 – £609,999
  • Steve Wright: £550,000 £559,999
  • Huw Edwards: £520,000 – £529,999
  • Jeremy Vine: £440,000 – £449,999
  • Alan Shearer: £410,000 – £419,999
  • Nicky Campbell: £410,000 – £419,999
  • Nick Grimshaw: £400,000 – £409,999
  • Stephen Nolan: £400,000 – £409,999
  • John Humphrys: £400,000 -£409,999
  • Andrew Marr £400,000 – £409,999

Earlier in the year, the BBC drew sharp flak after the media group's China editor Carrie Gracie resigned from her post, citing "pay inequality with male colleagues".

In an open letter along with her resignation, Carrie accused BBC of violating 'The Equality Act 2010' by not treating men and female workers at par. The scribe with over 30 years of experience said the BBC maintains a "secretive and illegal pay culture" which should be investigated by the law.