Boris Johnson Confronted by Angry Father of Sick Child During London Hospital Visit, Told NHS Being Destroyed - Watch Video
Boris Johnson during London hospital visit (Photo Credits: Twitter)

London, September 19: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a tough day when he visited a hospital in London on Wednesday. An angry father of a sick child confronted Boris Johnson who could just stand listening to the man's grievances silently and apparently had no answers. The man, identified as Omar Salem, told the Prime Minister that the health service had been "destroyed". The video of the angry exchange was going viral on social media. UK Supreme Court Told Boris Johnson is 'Father of Lies'.

Johnson was visiting Whipps Cross University Hospital in north-east London where Salem's 7-day-old daughter was admitted. Salem, who describes himself on Twitter as an activist for the opposition Labour Party, protested before Johnson over the care his daughter had received on the children's ward. "That's just not acceptable. There are not enough people on this ward," Salem told Johnson, who stood listening. Boris Johnson's Second Bid for Snap Election Rejected.

"The NHS has been destroyed and now you come here for a press opportunity," Salem told Johnson in the hospital corridor. Johnson said "there's no press here" but Mr Salem gestured to cameras filming the confrontation, and said: "What do you mean there's no press here? Who are these people?"

On Twitter, Salem said that his daughter recieved good care in the emergency care but she had waited to see a doctor for hours when transferred to the children's ward. Following the incident, the British Prime Minister said that he was glad that Salem confronted him over the National Health Service (NHS). Johnson wrote on Twitter that the encounter was not "an embarrassment" but "part of my job".

"I've been PM for 57 days, part of my job is to talk to people on the ground and listen to what they tell me about the big problems. It doesn't matter if they agree with me," he tweeted.