Over 1,000 Accidents in New Jersey Alone as Thunderstorm Sweeps Northeast US
Commuters stranded in heavy traffic incessant rains, snowfall grip New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other parts | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

New Jersey, November 17: As the deadly thunderstorm swept parts of northeast United States, over 1,000 accidents were reported alone in New Jersey. Two of the mishaps turned fatal, leading to the death of a 61-year-old woman and a 52-year-old man.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy expressed sorrow over the demise, as well as the loss and unprecedented inconvenience suffered by the residents. He claimed that the administration cannot be entirely blamed as "no organisation or weather body" could had predicted a thunderstorm of such scale.

According to a statement issued by the New Jersey State Police, a total of 1,076 motor vehicle crashes have been attended by them since Thursday night, whereas, 2,066 calls were made to them seeking clearance of roads for vehicular movement.

Apart from the two deaths in road mishap in New Jersey, six other storm fatalities have been reported -- 2 in Mississippi, 1 in Indiana, 1 in Ohio, 3 in Arkansas and 1 in Maryland.

In the five provinces of northeast -- Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, which have been facing the brunt of the storm since Thursday, power has been disrupted for the last 48 hours.

Around 1,300 flights to and from the above mentioned states have been cancelled, whereas, 5,500 flights in other parts of the eastern zone were delayed.

The thunderstorm led to the highest amount of pre-winter snowfall in Northeast US in the last 136 years. The winter season is officially predicted to begin from December 21.