2018 TVS Apache RR 310 Road Test Review: A New Moderniser out Here
TVS Apache RR 310 Side Profile (File Photo)

It was at the Auto Expo 2016 that laid the foundation of the bike, which TVS calls it now, Apache RR 310, as Akula 310 concept. With party starting late last year, TVS made the customers wait for good-long two years, well almost. That been said, TVS focused on quality than quantity when you talk about the flagship product. As several others have already chanted about the bike, calling it a pure race machine, we will be focusing on bike ability to take on a real-world scenario. Does this flagship product justifies the hype it has created?? Let’s find out…!!

TVS Apache RR 310 Front Quarter (File Photo)

Design: Killer… Well! That’s what we can say about the design of the motorcycle, which is one of the aspects of the bike that doesn’t need an overview. It mind-bogglingly looks beautiful from every possible angle, mainly the strikingly looks and paint scheme. Making it unique in every sense are the sharp lines on the fairing and pinched rear section, which is a perfect combination of form and function. TVS has outdone itself regarding premium appeal proffering preeminent fit-finish of the new Apache RR 310. The quality of the equipment like switchgear feels premium which is pretty impressive. The overall fit and finish offered on the motorcycle definitely set a new standard for the Indian motorcycles.

TVS Apache RR 310 Front Profile (File Photo)

The projector style twin-LED headlamps are well equipped for illuminating adequately and offering good visibility on the dark roads. Another underline of the design element is the Omega-shaped LED tail light that makes you look more than a glance. The overall design of the bike doesn’t seem too overdone or disproportionate, giving a tremendous amount of road presence.

TVS Apache RR 310 Engine (File Photo)

Engine Specifications & Performance: At the heart, the beast runs 312cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder motor which is refined giving the rider a sense of adrenaline. It is the same engine that is also fitted on the BMW G 310 R, which is tuned to make 34PS @9700 rpm and 27.3Nm @7700 rpm. The best part of the motor is its capability to generate torque across the rev range and remains composed on lower RPMs at high gears as well. Having said that, the rider can easily fiddle at 40kmpl or above on the 6th gear.

TVS Apache RR 310 Seat (File Photo)

Ride and Handling: With a large and sporty motorcycle, comes seating discomfort. Though, that’s not the case with Apache RR 310. This is possible because of the low 810mm seat that provides excellent riding comfort, even at longer rides. The seat position of the motorcycle is also not too committed and uncomfortable making more comfortable for the rider to remain in the comfort zone for a more extended period. That being said, handling the motorcycle on the streets is also very easy, just like a cake walk.

TVS Apache RR 310 Rear Quarter Profile (File Photo)

Feed me more!! This is what Apache RR 310 has to say when you open up the throttle every time. The motorcycle surges rapidly and in no time, it can hit the three-figure mark in less than 7 seconds. The bike also highlighted its cruising capabilities, which can certainly make it an adroit tourer.

On the handling front, the Apache RR 310 has emerged as a comfortable ride that can quickly absorb bumps and potholes with ease. The plush ride on the motorcycle is made possible, because of 41mm Kayaba USD forks at the front and a pre-load adjustable monoshock setup.

TVS Apache RR 310 (File Photo)

Also, the combination of trellis frame and a well-tuned suspension is well-poised, giving a sense of confidence to the rider to hit the corner and bike holds every inch of the line like a rail. The long swingarm and long wheelbase of the bike aid with a stabilised ride, no matter, if the rider is at high speed or mid-corner. Coming to the brakes, the 300mm/240mm disc brakes with dual channel ABS offer great bite and feedback, but an additional initial bite from the front disc could have been better.

TVS Apache RR 310 Side Profile (File Photo)

Verdict: On the whole, the Apache RR 310 is a complete package from TVS Motors with no major flaws or faults. The only concern about the bike was cut off of the engine which could be possibly due to engine heat up. Being offered in the entry level super-sport category, the new TVS Apache RR 310 certainly has raised bars for other Indian bike manufacturers. At Rs. 2.13 Lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai), the Apache RR 310 may be steep for some, but at this given price point, the motorcycle is a great value for money proposition.