The younger generation today is fascinated with the concept of entrepreneurship. The latest technology has made things easier for individuals who wish to build an entrepreneurial empire of their own. With the foresight and fortitude to make the dreams turn into reality, Ahmed W. Elzoghabi worked as corporate personnel in sales before incorporating his business selling company. Born and raised in New Jersey, he holds a degree in International Business and Economics. With an experience of a year as a sales executive, he simultaneously did various side hustles.

Beginning his career in telecom sales, Ahmed left everyone at his workplace impressed. The young chap made a place for himself amongst the top 5 sales executives. Not only it boosted his confidence, but Elzoghabi also got a detailed insight into sales and marketing. With a secured job in his hand, the 23-year old entrepreneur started his business selling agency that helps in the marketing of Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies. One commendable trait about the Moroccan-European entrepreneur is his ability to grasp new things.

His curiosity to learn trading helped him ace stock and options trading. Ahmed later started La Vague Trades, a trading firm that helps traders to invest in stock trading and options trading. Mentoring and guiding many people through his expertise, Ahmed’s advice has always been priceless as he provides tactics on how to earn 60 to 80% profit on options trading. Many of his clients are enjoying a great profit under his training and guidance.

As far as his business acumen is concerned, Ahmed W. Elzoghabi has yet another venture. He is the founder of Integrated Home Solutions Inc. The company is the ultimate destination for all home appliances and gadgets. Founded in 2018, the company sells appliances and electronics like television, smartphones, internet and security devices and CCTV cameras. Building many businesses at a very less time, Ahmed is truly an inspiring figure for everyone. His foray into YouTube has been a major success where the young guy shares his business knowledge and other tips and tricks about trading.