Music can change the world — Beethoven  

Music is the oldest form of artistic expression. Artists have been using music as a  powerful tool to fight their battles for years. Darrell Kelley is one such artist who  combines gospel, R&B and pop and writes songs expressing his take on the social  

injustices. One of his recent releases has been “Kamala”, a song expressing the entire  United States feelings about the new Vice President Ms. Kamala Harris. As the First  Female Black Vice President of the country, her win has brought about hope of a new  and just America, where racism would not exist. And to this, Darrell’s track has  beautifully recorded the emotions every American is feeling at the moment.

The Atlanta based singer has written other tracks  on social injustice and positivity. With "Vote Him  Out", Kelley continues his impressive body of  work that addresses social injustices head-on. "All  of the White House's lies and poor decisions  inspired me to write this song," said Kelley. "We  need a fresh start in this country. And we get there  through voting on November 3rd and bringing the  country back to a sense of normalcy and justice." Darrell uses his platform to drive change and wants to inspire and influence lives with his music. His songs “Police Brutality”,  “Release the Transcripts” and “7 Times” also tackle inequality and racial injustice in  the world but Darrell has created a moment in history with his track “Kamala”  celebrating the new Vice President.

“Kamala” boasts a slow jam feel thanks to its deliberate pacing. If you’re looking for  a crossover R&B single to start off 2021 with, I think that Darrell Kelley’s “Kamala”  is a good pick regardless of how you feel about the political culture of the United  States at this point in time. This is a terrific reflection of the moment, and more  importantly the way that the masses have begun embracing it.  

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