Kesari Quick Movie Review: Akshay Kumar's War Film Begins on an Average Note with a Promising Second Half
Akshay Kumar in Kesari (Photo Credits: File Image)

Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar join hands for this week's big release, Kesari. Based on the Battle of Saragarhi, Kesari is a historical war drama that is expected to sail through thanks to Kumar's star power and Karan Johar's marketing. Kesari is directed by Anurag Singh and has Parineeti Chopra as the female lead. Releasing on Holi, Kesari is expected to do fine business and trade pundits are already predicting it could be one of Akshay Kumar's biggest hits. We are watching Kesari right now and here's what we find the first half to be. Will Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra's Kesari Score Big at the Box Office? Find Out!.

"Havaldar Ishar Singh is transferred from Gulistan fort to Saragarhi fort in 1897 after having a tussle with the Afghanis. He is assigned to lead the 36th Sikh Regiment there, that compromises of 21 soldiers including himself. At first, he and his regiment start off on a cold note. After the icy vibes thaw off, Ishar Singh and his men face a new threat, from a very strong Afghani army waiting to capsize the fort and invade into India.

Watch the video below:

The first half is strictly average, with some light-hearted scenes and a flashback scene with Parineeti Chopra that feels out of place. Akshay Kumar's commanding presence lights up the screen, but his long fake beard is a distraction. There are also some propaganda thrown in that feels very unnecessary. It is only towards the interval where the film perks up with the anticipation of the battle. With more action sequences in the second half, I am expecting Kesari to compensate for a very average first half."