An astrologer had informed Nutan's mother Shobhna Samarth that she was a good soul who didn't want to be born, as per an article in Filmfare. Apparently, she used to cry from 5 pm to 5 am every day as a kid. That explains why we always felt a feeling of calm, poise, and also extreme power whenever we watched Nutan on the big screen. Her roles have never been of a woman in constant distress but someone who always fought her circumstances and did what is right. Be it Sujata fighting for her right to love anyone despite being deemed untouchable or Bandini for being with her love come what may or be the wife of a man in love with another woman in Main Tulsi Tere Angan Ki, Nutan's roles have been varied and always made a point. Many talk about feminist roles in movies, Nutan had done that so many years ago. 42 Years of DON: Amitabh Bachchan Recalls Winning The Best Actor Award, Sharing Honours With the Late Nutan and Dedicating The Win to a Special Person (View Tweet)

But what many may not be aware of is that Nutan used to write and sing songs. Even as a kid, she used to pen Bhajans and guess that's why her movies coincidentally always had beautiful melodies. On her birth anniversary today, here're 10 musical gems of Nutan.

Chod de saari duniya - Saraswatichandra

This is not a song, it's the way of life. Loss in love is painful but it doesn't mean you give up on life. Nutan's way of consoling her man will make you wish someone could explain life to you likewise.

Dil Ka Banwar kar pukaar - Tere Ghar Ke Saamne

Dev Anand and Nutan had really beautiful chemistry. Never thought confessing your love in a confined space like a winding staircase could be so romantic. Nutan being coy is such a fetching sight!

Na samjhe woh anari hai - Anari

Nutan plays a rich brat in this film and does complete justice to the character. But then she falls in love with Raj Kapoor in the film. This song is so sweet and playful. Nutan looks extremely beautiful here.

Chod do aanchal - Paying Guest

You may have heard the many remix versions of the song but just check out the original once. The innocence and simplicity of this song leave you with a smile on your face. Like we said before Dev Anand and Nutan made a fascinating pair!

Kali ghata chaye - Sujata

A song that talks about the riot of emotion in a girl's heart during monsoon...Nutan's playful emotions are everything.

Mora gora rang lei le - Bandini

Yes, it sadly sounds a bit offensive but even then it makes your heart flutter especially when you see Nutan blushing!

Sawan ka mahina - Milan

The place where Sunil Dutt makes Nutan say the wrong pronunciation of Shor is our favourite.

Tera mera saath rahe - Saudagar

This song by Nutan is so us...a very smitten Nutan promising a world to her lover who ultimately betrays her. Falling in love can be so dangerous at times.

Aye watan tere liye - Karma

It's really difficult not to feel all the hair on your body rise up when you hear this melody. Add to it the simple and amazing Nutan...we are sold! The most haunting patriotic song ever!

Jeet jayenge hum - Meri Jung

This should be an anthem for anyone losing in life. Nutan's belief in things getting back to being good will make you have faith too. In these troubling times, we need that assurance that this is just one of the many battles we will fight and everything will go back to being normal.

What's your favourite Nutan melody? Do let us know!

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