Vivek Agnihotri Accuses Swara Bhasker of Curbing His FoE After His Insensitive Tweet Gets Deleted; Twitterati Schools Him on Real FoE!
Vivek trolls Swara again but gets befitting reply from Twitterati

Oh Mr Vivek Agnihotri, when will you learn? The controversial film-maker, known for his partisan attitude towards the BJP government and spiteful tweets, was in news recently when he sparred with Swara Bhasker on social media. He was reacting to the news that a nun in Kerala had accused a bishop of sexually exploiting her and demanded from Swara why she is not holding a placard saying, #MeTooProstituteNun. Swara Bhasker Compels Director Vivek Agnihotri to Delete His Abusive Tweet on Her, Thanks Twitter for the Support!

Well, not just Swara, many on Twitter slammed Vivek on such an insensitive tweet. Swara even got Twitter to make him delete the tweet, making him see red. Now Vivek has tried to hit back at Swara, claiming that she is curbing his Freedom of Expression in fighting against Urban Naxals. He had tweeted, "Dear @ReallySwara, thnx for curbing my FoE. Very liberal,indeed. It’s given me strong motivation & made me more determined to defeat India’s enemies- #UrbanNaxals. Last time it was your mother who stopped my film at JNU. And you know what happened. Thnx for rejuvenating our fight". Vivek Agnihotri Wants Bollywood to Protest Against Sexual Objectification Instead of Rapes; Twitter Reminds Him of His Own Hate Story

Check out his tweet below -

And yet again, many of the non-RW Twitter users have come to Swara's defense, schooling Vivek on the difference between FoE and abuse.

The sad part is that there are other Twitter users, many of them males and RW supporters, who don't see that Vivek has said anything wrong and are in support of him.