Lee Min Ho keeps his Instagram activity constrained. He only posts when he feels like it, so the duration between two posts can be two weeks to a month or maybe more. But he does post relevant stuff which keeps us updated on what's new in his life and career. For example, he posted a few behind the scene shots from his upcoming series Ask The Stars. But in the last week, Min Ho has posted quite a few pictures and we are going crazy ogling at them repeatedly. Ask The Stars: 5 Scandalous Thoughts That Came To Our Mind After Seeing Lee Min-ho And Gong Hyo-Jin's Stills.

In fact, a few of Lee Min Ho's got us thinking about what is this man up to when not filming. Here's what went through our heads while browsing through his recent posts on Instagram

Why is he in scrubs?!

The sight of him in scrubs made us quite worried and then we realised, there are many cameras surrounding him. He was filming a few days ago. In the last coupe of years, we have seen a lot due to the pandemic so, such suits make us quite anxious.

Little Prince Charming

The little Min-ho...did he know he will grow up be Prince Charming in every way possible?

And the pout face cutie returns

Lee Min-ho, his selfies and that pout... things he does to make our hearts go on a rampage! Shah Rukh Khan-Song Hye kyo, Lee Min Ho-Deepika Padukone - 5 Bollywood-KWorld Collab We Don't Mind Watching.

5 Mins is too less!

Being in love for 5 minutes? Why? We can be in love with you for an eternity. BTW cool use of ChatGPT

Cool and Desirable!

How can someone look so desirable when he is just sitting there? Shouldn't that be banned?

Lee Min Ho often makes us think of things we are too embarrassed to share. Now just imagine him doing that every day. MAN!

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