Shiva Rajkumar and Anupam Kher's Ghost hit the theatres on October 19, 2023. The movie kicks off with a fierce clash between two political factions over the privatisation of a prison. Tensions escalate in the city when a notorious gangster, portrayed by Shivarajkumar, seizes control of the jail and holds a prominent former CBI officer, played by Prashant Narayanan, captive. The power struggle and high-stakes situation set the stage for an intense and gripping narrative. Ghost Movie: Review, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Release Date – All You Need To Know About Shiva Rajkumar, Jayaram and Anupam Kher's Film.

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India Today: The dark monotone successfully manages to build the mood of Ghost. Also, Shiva Rajkumar has not one, but several massy entries throughout the course of the film. And he does it with ease. Rajkumar hits, beats and kills and his attitude and stare does most of the talking. That’s expected and typical of a Rajkumar film and the hype stays.

Times Of India: Ghost is a one-of-its-kind heist thriller for the Kannada audience, packed with plenty of mass scenes catered and assembled particularly for Shivarajkumar’s fans.

Indian Express:  This movie takes a unique approach to the heist genre. The director MG Srinivas’s vision is clear: to keep the audience fully engaged in the meticulous planning and plotting of the heist without distractions. There are no songs, romantic subplots, or love stories. Ghost Trailer: Shiva Rajkumar Is the ‘Big Daddy of All Masses’ in This Action-Packed Heist Thriller Co-Starring Anupam Kher and Jayaram; Film To Release on October 19 (Watch Video).

Free Press Journal: Directed by M.G Srinivas, the plot begins with all the right ingredients in place required to execute a film of this scale. But the screenplay in the second half falters, resulting in a scattered broth. While the first half rests along smart introductory sequences and the story is set in motion, Ghost begins to lose steam post interval where things go helter-skelter and you are unable to fathom after a point as to what is exactly happening.

The Hindu: Shivarajkumar, back in his most successful avatar of a gangster, takes on the role with aplomb. Called Ghost, he effortlessly gets into vigilante mode as Srini doesn’t miss a chance to celebrate his terrific screen presence. Those who found genuine whistle-worthy scenes missing in Shivarajkumar’s previous Kannada films will be pleased with Ghost, while those who discovered the actor’s on-screen swag in Jailer might enjoy his big moments. The de-ageing of the veteran actor is another indulgent yet honest fanboy tribute from Srini.

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