Savyasachi Movie Review: Naga Chaitanya And R Madhavan's Phenomenal Performances Suffer From A Dull Pace
Savyasachi movie review. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

Tollywood is pushing boundaries and how! After Aravinda Sametha, the next such film to pick out an interesting subject and craft a film out of it is Naga Chaitanya and R Madhavan's Savyasachi. Helmed by Premam director Chandoo Mondeki, the film, unlike his previous romance drama, is an action thriller flick. The interesting bit we're talking about is Naga Chaitanya's character Vikram Aditya, who suffers from a weird Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Keeping this as the protagonist's weakness and strength, the maker has churned out a thriller as Maddy takes on the antagonist or rather, anti-hero role.

The film has an intriguing start with a bus toppling off a cliff while all the passengers had just one similarity between each other, their acquaintance with a person named Arun. Who is Arun? Arun is a character played by R Madhavan. What does Arun want? For Vikram Aditya played by Naga Chaitanya, to die. Why does Arun want this? Well, for that you'll have to go for the film because we plan to keep this a spoiler-free review. It is an intense chase where Vikram Aditya (told you Vikram and Aditya are twins with Aditya residing in Vikram's left hand) are trying to narrow down Arun and the purpose behind his mad obsession to murder him.

You might expect Arun to hold the heroine as a hostage because that's how masala films usually role. However, Arun chooses someone who is family, which is a good move by the filmmaker. Thank god for less cheese than what's already there. Speaking of cheese, enter Nidhhi Agerwal. She makes her Tollywood debut opposite Naga Chaitanya in a film that would much rather not require her. The whole romance sequence between the two is nothing but a downer to the otherwise fast-paced film. Sadly, the romance bit is stretched way too much causing a constant yawn.

Luckily, the impeccable comic timing, the constant Easter eggs of the Akkineni family with Nagarjuna's songs and hopes to date Naga Chaitanya (that was a good one) make up for the dull romance! The action sequences by Naga Chaitanya as he ties his brother into captivity and takes on the bad guys but soon releases his brother (the left hand) is exhilarating!


- Naga Chaitanya's easygoing performance.

- Outstanding choreography of action sequences

- On point humour by Vennele Kishore

- R Madhavan. Period


- Lack of intrigue factor after an interesting start

- Unnecessary college sequence that puts the plot off track

- Blatant loopholes in the script and common sense

Final Word

If you are an R Madhavan fan, you should definitely not miss this film. With his charisma as the anti-hero and the panache by which he conducts each and every move makes him such a big asset to the film! Sure, Naga Chaitanya is also good. However, when facing an industry stalwart, you tend to falter. And that may have happened to Naga as he worked with Madhavan. Not to mention the dull college sequence that literally drops the mood of the film. But overall in terms of entertainment, the humour and action scenes make up for it.