Siddharth Roy is an upcoming Telugu movie directed by V Yeshasvi that focuses on the character Siddharth Roy's journey. Siddharth, portrayed by Deepak Saroj, navigates through a sea of emotions conflicting with his logical mindset. Tanvi Negi stars as Indu in this promising cinematic exploration of human nature and relationships. Siddharth Roy Trailer: Deepak Saroj's Intense Love Saga is Giving Us 'Arjun Reddy' Vibes! (Watch Video).

The recently unveiled trailer sets the stage for the film's intensity, with Siddharth's character grappling with his emotions amidst scenes of turmoil and introspection. The trailer hints at a gripping narrative featuring moments of vulnerability and arrogance.

Here's what you need to know before the film hits theatres:

Cast: Deepak Sarjo and Tanvi Negi lead the film, supported by a talented ensemble including Anand, Kalyani Natarajan, Matthew Varghese, Nandini, and Keerthana.

Plot: Siddharth Roy follows the protagonist from childhood to his mid-20s, portraying his evolution from a rational, emotionless individual to someone deeply entangled in his feelings. As Siddharth grapples with love and emotions, his once-held beliefs clash with his newfound experiences, leading to a profound internal conflict.

Siddharth Roy Trailer 

Runtime and Certification: With a runtime of 2 hours and 28 minutes, the film falls under the drama genre and has received an 'A' certification from CBFC.

Release Date: Indian audiences can catch Siddharth Roy in cinemas starting February 23, 2024.

Review: Siddharth Roy Revie has yet to be released. LatestLY will notify you once it is available.

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