Deepak Thakur in Bigg Boss 12: Check Profile, Biography,  Photos and Controversies of BB12 Contestant Deepak Thakur
Deepak Thakur to be seen in Bigg Boss 12 (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Bigg Boss 12 will have Deepak Thakur as one of the contestants on the show. He has sung for Gangs of Wasseypur will be one of the contestants on the show. Deepak is a popular name and Muzaffarpur in Bihar as a singer although he didn't beg a lot of projects in Bollywood after Gangs of Wasseypur. He will be seen on the show with his fan since the show is going to be all about Vichitra Jodi is this time.  Bigg Boss 12 Contestants: Gangs Of Wasseypur Singer Deepak Thakur And His Fan Are The Second Commoner Jodi - Here's All You Need To Know.

Claim to fame

Deepak Thakur has posted in numerous videos on YouTube where he is showcasing in singing talent with his major claim to Fame would only be Gangs of Wasseypur. however it seems like things didn't pretty much workout in his favour which is why he wasn't offered a lot of movie projects after that.


Deepak Thakur hasn't embroiled himself in any controversy is from what we know. however now that he is entering the Bigg Boss house we bet he will fall prey to a number of them.

Videos and Pictures


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Here's a glimpse of his performance

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