Game of Thrones Prequel: Title, Cast, Plot – Everything You Should Know About the Upcoming Fantasy Drama ‘Blood Moon’
Game of Thrones Prequel (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Game of Thrones 8 ended on a note that nobody ever imagined -- on divided opinions. More than one million people petitioned for it to be remade. Amidst all the love, hate, and mixed reactions, news came out that there will be a prequel to the Game of Thrones series that will give more meaning to the happenings of the series over 8 seasons. And while lots of theories are out there on the internet, here's everything you need to know about the exciting Game of Thrones prequel. Game Of Thrones Ends With An Unpredictable Conclusion, Yet Gives A Sense Of Satisfying Closure

The Plot

The supposed timeline of the Game of Thrones prequel will be set thousands of years prior to the happenings in the series. HBO revealed that the prequel will explore the origins of the White Walkers and the Children of the Forest.

Sadly for GOT fans, none of the much-loved and much-hated characters of the original series like Jon Snow, Daenerys, Cersei, Arya or Tyrion will be a part of the prequel. The only exception is the Night King since most of the prequel will be centered on how he came into existence. Kit Harington Vows to NEVER Go Back to Playing Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

The Casting

As per reports, Oscar Nominated actresses Naomi Watts and Miranda Richardson are some of the biggest names that have been brought on board for the prequel. Game of Thrones: Naomi Watts Spills the Beans on Exciting Details of the Prequel Series

Actor The Night King, played by Vladimir Furdik is also confirmed to be a part of the show. But there are more tentative names doing the rounds.

The Title

The pilot episode of the prequel was initially being referred to as The Long Night. However, the makers decided to do away with it to avoid confusing it with episode 3 of season 8, also named The Long Night. They have decided to go with a tentative name Blood Moon.

With it being the same as season 8’s third episode, the makers are now calling it ‘Blood Moon’, which is a working title but has the chances to become the permanent one.

But reports also say that the channel has given the green signal only to the pilot episode and not to the whole series. However, author George R.R. Martin revealed that he had proposed five Game of Thrones spin-offs, out of which three are in early stages of development and one of these three would begin filming towards the end of 2019. Also, neither David Benioff nor D B Weiss will be involved in the making of the prequel.