Kaafir Web Series Review: A Beautiful Portrayal Of The Complexities of Humanity With Dia Mirza And Mohit Raina
Kaafir web series review (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In the past six months, I've managed to watch a lot about the situations in Jammu and Kashmir. Sure, as a journalist, you would expect me to know more about the dire conditions in the conflicted state. However, no amount of news coverages, articles, books or even movies can prepare you for how life is tough for those living in the said state. Kaafir explores one particular consequence that arises out of being on one side of the border.

For those living in the cities understand borders to be the one that goes beyond their city limits or perhaps even a state. But for the ones dealing with constant blasts that aren't a pleasant voice or the barbed wires separating two nations, crossing it is next to committing blasphemy. Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina's web series, Kaafir talks about what happens to the commoners who are caught up in a war they never asked for and question where does humanity lie beyond the borders. Kaafir Teaser: Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina's Web Series Looks Intriguing and Heart-Rendering (Watch Video)

The story begins with Mohit Raina's character Vedant Rathod, sitting for the one year anniversary of his brother, an army Jawan who passed away during a militant ambush. Vedant, a lawyer, finds himself at crossroads as he realises that the man he defended to not be a Pakistani militant is the reason why his brother is no more. Scene shifts to a few years later when he comes across a clip of Kainaaz (Dia Mirza), a supposed Pakistani militant's daughter being escorted from school to the prison. By now, Vedant has made a shift from practising law to becoming a journalist. He believes that now, he will only report the truth or the version of the truth that is being presented to him as is without having to put his own opinion as a reporter would do.

Of course, all this changes when he meets Kainaaz, who has a daughter, born in prison. When it comes to the storyline, the work done is phenomenal. Here is something that needs to be addressed, 'All Pakistanis are not militants'. Something even Pakistanis have been trying to drill it through the minds of the army or even other countries. However, somehow the idea has not seemed to have reached anyone's sensibilities. Perhaps with the premise of this show, that one concern can be spoken of loud and clear. The show definitely deserves people's views because it focusses on a subject that only people residing in borders suffer from.

With respect to the direction, there are a few places where the makers don't do a good job. For example, the entire prison scene with Dia Mirza and a guard, disturbing as it is, is badly lit. It will actually remind you of the Game of Thrones season 8 episodes post the White Walker war which was horribly lit. You can't see some of the pivotal scenes and expressions that are extremely necessary for the prison scenes. That was my one concern with the way it was directed. Overall though, with such a strong storyline, I barely had any complaints. Kaafir Trailer Video: Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina's Web Series Is Next On Our List

Mohit Raina is brilliant as always. He manages to portray a complex character with so much to lose. He plays a man who has already lost a lot of things starting from his brother to his father's trust in him. But despite all odds, he is ready to make some amends and does as he pleases for the sake of justice. Dia Mirza is also astoundingly good as she plays an unfortunate Pakistani who has been rotting in the Rajouri prison for about eight years and also has a child in prison. She brings so much to the table as she continues to express several shades of Kainaaz to the audience. Kainaaz's life has been too horrible and it just keeps getting worse. With the way Dia Mirza portrays the character, it is plain heartbreaking to hear the story.

Final Word

The Zee5 Original is a must watch. Kaafir talks about a concern that not many are abreast of. It discusses the plight of individuals living in war-torn borders who, with a single misstep, can change the course of their life, for the worse of course. Dia Mirza and Mohit Raina's performances further give you reasons to watch the show. It is beautiful and speaks about humanity in ways that need to be propagated in today's time.