The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is out and Marvel fans are out in full force putting the series under a microscope to find all the easter eggs and references. The show has delivered on all fronts, be it the action or the story-telling, and has been garnering critical praise from both the critics and fans. Every episode released till now is essentially a MCU movie but in a TV format. Everything from the production value to the visuals makes it clear that Marvel spared no expense. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 1 Review: Captain America’s Besties Are Off to a Flying Start!

Now with every MCU project there comes online debate, fans trying to find any references that would hint to the comics or the future of the franchise. Luckily The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is filled with them, so let’s take a look at some of these easter eggs and references:

Isaiah Bradley

In episode two, Bucky takes Sam to a war veteran's house to learn about the super soldier serum. We get to know that the government had been testing the serum on other people as well, one of them being Isaiah Bradley. Bradley in the comics also took up the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers goes missing. The character is depicted as an early product of the United States Super Soldier Program during World War 2. In the show Isaiah has disdain for the government as he was locked up in the prison for 30 years after completing his missions and was experimented upon, he even talks about a minor altercation with the Winter Soldier. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Amy Aquino, Bucky’s Therapist in Disney+ Show Likes How MCU Is Highlighting Mental Health Issue.

Eli Bradley

The grandson of Isaiah Bradley, Eli Bradley goes on to become the character of Patriot in the comics. He is a part of the group called the Young Avengers. Seeing as Marvel recently introduced Speed and Wiccan in WandaVision, it isn’t too far-fetched to think that Marvel might be setting up for a Young Avengers project in the future.

Baron Zemo

When introduced in Captain America: Civil War, he was Helmut Zemo, but in the third episode the character played by Daniel Bruhl finally reveals his lineage and calls himself a Baron. Embracing the character from comics, he is now Baron Zemo and MCU fans can look forward to his villainous turn in the future.

Joaquin Torres

A first lieutenant in the air force, Joaquin serves as Sam’s support staff. He is a fan of the Falcon and enjoys working with him, although there is more to the character than meets the eye. In the comics Joaquin goes on to become the second Falcon. Hopefully the shows goes with that route and explores the potential of his character.


Episode three introduced us to the fictional land of Madripoor. A haven for all the criminals in the world, Sam, Bucky and Zemo go there to investigate the super soldier serum. In the comics Madripoor is mostly associated with the X-Men as it is partly controlled by Wolverine’s son Daken and Mystique tried to flood it with mutant hormones. Hopefully the inclusion of the city can be setting up for Mutants in the MCU.

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