Boy Who Flashed at Woman Passenger In Mumbai Local Arrested, Sent for 10 Days of Custody
Sexual Harassment (Representational Image/ Image: PTI)

Mumbai, September 12: A teenager from Colaba who had sexually harassed a woman passenger travelling alone in the Harbour local was arrested by GRP on Tuesday. According to a Times of India report, since the victim didn't come forward to file a complaint, police booked him for indecency in public. The Railway police arrested him and took him to 10 days of custody. Kiki Challenge in Mumbai Local Train! Central Railways Call for Probe Against the Youth After Video of 'Stunt' Goes Viral.

Last week, when the accused was travelling on a CST-Panvel local train, all of a sudden there was a loud scream and then people saw that the teenager was zipping up. He was sitting next to a woman passenger, who was weeping. An eyewitness began clicking pictures of the pervert and just as the train stopped at Masjid, the accused jumped off the train and fleed from the spot.

The victim refused to file a complaint, and therefore the witness went ahead and filed a complaint at the Wadala station. Based on the CCTV footage and the video recordings which the witness had, Police arrested the accused. Reportedly, since the victim has not filed a complaint, a charge of molestation cannot be filed in Court, but he was booked under the Maharashtra Police Act for indecency.