Kakinada, October 31: In a unique spectacle, the Punganur cow "Sarana" found her "groom" in "Shanmukha Kannayya" during a traditional Swayamvaram ceremony held in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. According to the Times of India report, his extraordinary ceremony took place on a Sunday and was conducted by purohits who had come from Tirupati and Kanchi. The extravagant event took place at the APSP marriage hall, witnessing the convergence of over 200 guests.

Sarana, the star of the show, initiated the selection process by interacting with ten miniature bulls. After a close examination, she spent the most time with a bull named Shanmukha Kannayya, which is owned by Nadipathy doctor Dr P Krishnam Raju. The cow's owners, Dr Gowri Shekar and P Narayana Raju, representing Shanmukha Kannayya, jointly performed the rituals that united the bovine couple. Andhra Pradesh Bus Fire Video: Private Bus Gutted in Fire Triggered by Technical Fault in Prakasam, Footage of Vehicle Engulfed in Flames Surfaces.

The marriage rituals, which were led by the purohits, took nearly three hours to complete, following all the traditional customs. A Thali Bottu, a small silver locket symbolising marriage, was tied around Sarana's neck. The bride and groom circumambulated the homagundam, receiving blessings from all the guests in attendance. A sacred bath was also performed for the newlyweds. Andhra Pradesh Shocker: Two Electricians Held for Intentionally Giving Power Jolts to Girl Students Multiple Times ‘For Fun’.

Dr Gowri Shekar, who considers Sarana as his own, stated that the cow and bull would spend three days in his home and another three days in the gosala at Lingamparthi. After this, Sarana will return to her home. Dr Shekar expressed his deep attachment to Sarana, having raised her as if she were his own daughter and felt privileged to organize her marriage ceremony. This unusual and heartwarming event not only celebrates the unique bond between humans and animals but also showcases the cultural diversity and traditions that exist in different parts of India.

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