PM Narendra Modi concludes his speech at the mega Houston event with inviting Donald Trump to India along with his family. Here's are highlights of the "Howdy, Modi!"

PM Narendra Modi ends his speech at the Howdy Modi event. Before concluding the speech, Indian Premier invited Donald Trump to India along with his family.

"Our friendship will give new heights to the vibrant future of India and the US," PM Narendra Modi said.

"People call me a tough negotiator but Donald Trump is also a master at the 'art of the deal'. I am learning a lot from President Trump," PM Narendra Modi said,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Be it the 9/11 in the United States or 26/11 in Mumbai, where are the conspirators found? Time has come for a decisive battle against terrorism and those who encourage terrorism.

"We should give a standing ovation to President Trump for his fight against terrorism," says PM Narendra Modi at mega Houston event.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi defended the takedown of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir. He also took a veiled jibe at Pakistan while President Donald Trump sait in attendance. "India bid farewell to a law which helped terrorists in Jammu &  Kashmir...One nation has been troubled by India's internal matter. Everyone knows them, their entire politics is based on anti-India sentiment," Modi said.

"India will bid farewell to open defecation on October 2, when the nation will celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi," Modi said, adding that the nation has already bid farewell to the menace of large-scale corruption and will soon eliminate other issues in the near future.

"India has the cheapest data rates in the world. The access to internet has redefined governance in the nation," Modi said.

"India is in competition with itself, not with any external force. We are fighting against the thought process which believes that nothing could be changed in India. But the change is happening. In the last five years, we have built 110 million toilets in India, bringing the rural sanitation to 99 per cent," Modi said as explained the vision of "New India" to the Indian-American gathering.

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Houston, September 22: Over 50,000 will be gathering at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with United States President Donald Trump would be addressing the largest-ever congregation of Indian-Americans. The event, promoted as "Howdy, Modi!", has drawn eyeballs from across the world, as this would mark the epitome of the bonhomie between Modi and Trump. Stay tuned here for the all the live news and updates emerging from Howdy, Modi! in Houston.

The event, as per the itinerary, would begin at 10am local time (8:30pm IST). As per the Indian Standard Time, President Trump and PM Modi are expected to walk into the stadium at 9:20pm. Trump would be the first to address the gathering, between 9:39-10:09pm. Modi's address is scheduled to begin at 10:15pm. The event is being televised across India through all major news channels, and the live streaming is available on all social media platforms via the official handle of 'Howdy, Modi!'. Here's How to Watch Live Streaming of The Event.

In his speech, which expected to be nearly an hour-long, Modi is likely to highlight the steps taken by his government in the last five years to tackle the menace of corruption. He is also expected to present the growth story of India, and how his regime, as per the claims, has helped in catalysing the pace of development.

Modi's next stop, after Houston, will be New York where he would be attending a series of UN events and conferences leading up to the United Nations General Assembly. At the UNGA, he is scheduled to address the gathering of world leaders on September 27. On the same day, Modi's Pakistani counterpart, Imran Khan would also be speaking at the General Assembly.

While Khan's rhetoric would be centred around the issue of Kashmir, Modi is expected to speak on an array of topics, including the state of world economy, multilateral trade, widening of market-access and threat posed by climate change.