Lucknow, March 31: A former army personnel and his relative have been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing four people, over 40 years after committing the crime. As per report, the incident took place in 1979 when Rajendra Singh, ex-army personnel, and Niranjan Singh shot dead the members of the same family over a land dispute. A fine of Rs 75,000 has also been imposed on both them individually. Rajasthan: 12 SIMI Members With Links To Terror Outfit Indian Mujahideen Get Life Sentence.

Rajendra, now 70, Niranjan, 80, along with three others identified as Ranveer Singh, Narendra and Pratap, reportedly had a dispute with Atar Singh over a piece of land at Basarai Chahr village in Fatehpur Sikri, owning to which they reportedly killed Atar Singh, his daughter and two of their other relatives and injuring two others. Following which a case was filed against the five at Fatehpur Sikri police station for murder, attempt to murder and rioting as reported Times of India. 2020 Nikita Tomar Murder Case: Convicts Tausif and Rehan Sentenced to Life Imprisonment by Faridabad Court

As per the report, Ranveer Singh was acquitted while the rest were on a run for around 29 years before finally surrendering in 2008. They were in prison for two and half years and released on bail in 2011 after an order by the Allahabad High Court. Rajendra and Niranja have been arrested and imprisoned in the Agra District Jail, meanwhile the other two, Pratap and Narendra, died during the course of trial.

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