Super 30's Anand Kumar Creates Ruckus at Police Station, Threatens to Commit Suicide
Super 30's Anand Kumar (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Patna, July 12: Math wizard Anand Kumar, who runs popular Super 30 coaching class, allegedly created ruckus at a police station after a worker of his institute was arrested in a case. Anand Kumar not only had a heated argument with a police officer but also threatened to commit suicide if his employee was not released.

A man named Jitendra was arrested by the police on Wednesday in a case related to sharing defamatory content on social media agianst former DGP of Bihar Abhayanand. Jitendra is an employee of Super 30. Soon after his arrest, Anand Kumar reached the police station and started arguing with police officer Ramashankar Prasad, reported a Hindi portal.

At police station, Anand Kumar allegedly warned officers of consequences if his employee was not released. When cops asked him not to cross limits, Kumar threatened to commit suicide if his demand was not met. However, after some time, he left from there. Police officer Prasad informed his seniors about the incident.

A case was rigistered after some unkown persons posted defamtory content on social media against former DGP of Bihar Abhayanand and accused him of being part of a multi-crore scam. After investigating, the police managed to identify one Aditya Kumar and later arrested him.

A pistol was recovered from Kumar, from whose account the defanatory content was posted. During interrogation, Kumar reportedly named Super 30's Jitendra after which the police arrested him.