Not wearing a bra has been linked to saggy to boobs for ages BUT is that really the case? Well, you'll be surprised to know that it isn't. The medical terms for sagging breast is called breast ptosis and a number of factors contribute to it. However, not wearing bras isn't one of them. Our breasts are made up of fat and tissue. A ligament, which is called the Cooper Ligament is responsible in keeping the breast firm. It is when this Cooper ligament begins to loosen, the breasts begin to sag. What Happens When You Stop Wearing a Bra? From Stretch Marks to Sagging Breasts, Horrible Side Effects of Going Braless!

Does Bras Have Anything To Do With Saggy Boobs?

Age, genetics, pregnancy amongst other factors are majorly responsible for saggy boobs. However, a lot of false information out there places major blame on bras or lack thereof. Any form of clothing is not responsible for the sagginess or firmness of our breasts. However, there are a few things responsible for saggy breasts. Let's check out:

Wrong Posture

If you used to think that saggy breasts caused due to posture was a myth, let us tell you that it is NOT. It is important to manage your postures so that your boobs remain intact. You can also perform exercises to improve your posture.


After breastfeeding, the fat cells present in the breast shrink and the breast starts sagging. This is the reason why mothers are advised to exercise after breast feeding.


Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body. Collagen is what makes the skin elastic. With age, collagen decreases and causes problems like wrinkles, saggy breasts and other skin problems on our body. But smoking reduces collagen and adds to the problem.

Lack of Exercise

Most women do not exercise the upper body. Exercising helps the the body stay in shape. Saggy boobs can be caused due to lack of exercise.


You will be surprised to know that the strength of the Cooper ligament is based on your genetics. If your mother and grandmother's breasts started sagging at an early age, then it is likely that your breasts will also start sagging at a young age.

Sudden Weight Loss

If you lose weight without all of a sudden there are chances that it may affects your breasts size and shape. Breast tissue contains a lot of fat and when the fat is reduced immediately, the breasts begin to sag.

What Can You Do To Help Prevent Saggy Boobs

Sports Bra During Workout: Whenever you workout, always wear a sports bra. Bouncing can affect the size of the breast. Wearing a tight and fitted sports bra to always keeps them in shape.

Massage: To keep your bosoms in shape, massage them with a moisturizer first in circular motion and then from top to bottom and again from top to bottom. This increases the blood flow.

Push ups, chest flys and dumbbell exercises can help correct the size of your breast. It is important that you do this exercise daily to help build up the chest muscles.

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